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Endless Suffering

by Overpower

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The latest single from Overpower titled Endless suffering. These guys have been thrashing it out across Melbourne taking ground in the local scene and have supported bands such as Sworn enemy Make them suffer Xibalba Crowned Kings and many more. This wont be the last you hear of these Thrash mosh warlords.


Feeling like I lose myself more and more everyday, this seems so fucking endless, I'm going insane.

Waking up with an ache in my chest,
I am miserable at best,
I see no future, black and nothingness
is what's left for me.
What if just give up and let the darkside consume me?

I just need a little time, in a world that can't spare a second, feels like I'll be left behind and forgotten.

No chance, ONE MIND, ONE PRISON, it has dragged me deep, deep down, and it feels like I'll never get out.

I will never get out.

Damaged from the blackness, confidence is gone, my heart is torn, happiness is a myth cause I've spent too much time feeling like this.

I must have died alone a long, long time ago, cause I'm not the same person that I used to be.

I'm not the carefree happy boy that you used to see, been dragged down by the weight of life, from all the shit I've felt, from all the shit I've seen.

I can feel it building, inevitable insanity.

No chance of breaking free
it wouldn't be lyin' if I said I hate myself and I want to die.

I hate myself and I want to die

See the hope slip right from my eyes
i want to die, die, die.

I'm done with this living hell
imprisoned, in my mind I dwell

You can't cheat death when you dig your own grave I am enslaved by this darkness.

The smile that once was upon my face, through time and torment, it had no choice but to fade.

as I lay.

and all I can think is
I hate myself and I want to die.



released July 4, 2017



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Overpower Melbourne, Australia

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